Giving Tuesday 2016

givingtuesday“When I was first introduced to Team Up Philly – an organization in Philadelphia that helps girls like me – my life changed”.

Dear friends,

On this national day of giving, we hope you will consider making a contribution to Team Up Philly to fund programs for girls like Miyah, who are working hard to change the trajectory of their lives.

“If I hadn’t joined Team Up Philly five years ago, Lord only knows what I’d be doing. Who knows who I would be. I have a lot of childhood friends who are doing great- and I have a lot who aren’t doing so well. Some are expecting children, some are in prison, and even some who are dead. I may have been in the same situations.
I learned to be healthy, I had to exercise and eat nutritiously. I also transformed my mind. I learned how to deal with people properly, and I learned how to speak to people. I speak to myself differently too. If before I was shy, now I have confidence- courage even- to do great and be great. After so many years with Team Up Philly, I learned that the choices I make mean everything. I have a feel of the real world, and I am heading down the right path. I will always be grateful to Team Up Philly for helping to make me the person I am today.”

Every gift makes a difference – click here to donate

Thank you!